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Today I Am…. Fine

It’s been a busy week in my household. Half term, a trip to the big smoke with my eldest and a relatively drama free week from N. I say relatively because there is always something brewing or about to happen, I’ve now just conditioned myself into being hyper alert about it, all of the time.Continue reading “Today I Am…. Fine”

Today I Am…. Going around and around in circles

Feelings are a funny thing aren’t they? Most of the time you are fine (sometimes great) in a routine type state and then something happens and it feels like everything has gone back to square one. First of all, I missed my usual Sunday blog post because basically Sunday was a shit show. Sunday morningContinue reading “Today I Am…. Going around and around in circles”

Today I Am…. “Busy”

This week has been testing to say the least……. N continues to tell me that he is far too busy to phone, text, see the children or discuss any parenting things which may crop up during the week. I’ve sat and stewed about his busy-ness for a few days now. The fact of the matterContinue reading “Today I Am…. “Busy””