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Today I Am…. Me

This week has been extremely interesting for multiple reasons some good some bad. J (my youngest) had to have a Covid test on Friday evening due to a new and persistent cough. I had no idea that in the UK parents have to administer the test to children under 11. It wasn’t the most pleasantContinue reading “Today I Am…. Me”

Today I Am…. Not Ready

I opened my laptop this morning fully intending to blog about something different entirely, I’m unsure and worried about a whole matter of things today. I’ve come to the conclusion that my uncertainty is because there are a number of things at the moment that I am completely avoiding. They don’t keep me awake atContinue reading “Today I Am…. Not Ready”

Today I Am…. In Demand

This last week has been pretty eye opening…. where do I start? 🤷‍♀️ I am in demand. I don’t want to be in demand but I am. N has increased contact with me for the past week over little and daft things which didn’t really need to be said. He then let slip that AContinue reading “Today I Am…. In Demand”