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Today I Am…. writing

Sooooooooo……. it been so long since ive blogged!

I dont think Ive needed to do it since ive got things arranged in my head about the divorce and being on my own. I feel stronger and more in control. On the plus side my house purchase is finally happening within the next few weeks. Thats my new start.

I’ve decided im going to try and write a book, I have some amazing memories, stories throughout my life and some truly ridiculous things which I’ve always been a bit shy in telling the full extent of those as they aren’t exactly PG13. But I think I need to get things down onto paper to fully solidify that im perfectly happy with who I am including the ridiculous things which have happened in my past. That Ive always been ashamed of. Some of these things even my best friend doesnt know so I’m slightly concerned how I may be perceived. If I dont try then I have no idea do I? These might be normal experiences or totally off the wall. Im leaning towards the latter haha

So Im back at my laptop trying to piece together my past, deciding if that will be useful to anyone and trying to decide how my life experiences might help others.

Speak soon



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