Today I Am…. Hungover

Today I have had the hangover from hell. One of the ones where you cannot think straight or make your body function correctly. If I had blogged this morning I doubt it would have made much sense 😬. I’ve spent most of the day in bed. I’m annoyed at myself because it is my only day without the children this week, so I should have made the most of it. I had a brill evening on a Zoom call with friends playing Evil Apple (think Cards Against Humanity but via a mobile app), but today I’m seriously considering going T total 🤣 but in reality I have another week of home schooling to contend with so I’m not going to making a rash decision about not drinking again. In my mind there is no worse torture than having to look after children, of any age whilst hungover. Thankfully N brought the children back early to help torture me some more! 🖕

In other news, on Tuesday I had an alert from the NHS app, that I had come into contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid-19, I’m isolating until Friday. The only place I had been, outside of the house and nursery, is the Vets. This means I have to see my extremely annoying ex husband twice a day so he can take J to nursery and bring him home. I told N today that I was already sick of seeing his face and we have another FIVE days of this to go. He said “Why don’t you want to see me? everything is fine now!” No N things are not fine, in what world do you treat people badly for months then think that you are ok with each other and friends. We aren’t friends.

I call him my ex husband but technically we are still married. I’m waiting for the judge to sign off all of the financial agreements and it’s taking weeks, 7 weeks so far! I’m even avoiding playing the lottery now just in case I win and have to share my winnings with a dick head who can’t even pay his phone bill on time.

I’ve also been keeping a bit of a dating secret from you all, I’ve been chatting to a man for about 7 weeks now and I think things are going good?! I mean who knows if things are good or not – online dating is brutal. It takes a lot to get to seven weeks without meeting (dating during Covid and restrictions sucks balls!) but lots of video calls later we have managed it so next weekend we are going to try and stick to the restrictions and meet for exercise. Not sexercise because that would be totally against covid restrictions and it’s probably a bit cold for getting jiggy in a park 🤷😂 Is it allowed if we wear masks????????????????

So I’m potentially adding a new character to my blog, now I’ve written that it seems pretty scary.

Speak soon



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