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About me…

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Hi, I’m S. I’m a mum, I have amazing friends and I’m soon to be divorced.

Around six years ago I started a blog with the intention of capturing my hilarious stories (and failures) of dating. Then the first date I went on….. I met THE ONE. So I really didn’t have anything to write about anymore. Well five years, a marriage and a child later he wasn’t THE ONE for me.

During the past 6 months and since the breakdown of my marriage I’ve struggled to find who I am as a person. What do I like? What makes me happy? I had no idea how much of my identity was taken up with being a wife. So now I am inviting all of you lovely people on this journey with me. Self discovery, learning to date again, being a single parent, why are divorce solicitors so expensive?

A truly honest account of my feelings, my past and daily antics – from this day forward until death we do part 🙂